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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Brain Pain

Not quite brain freeze...and not quite "being stoned out of [one's] mind". Just a sort of numbness. Numb, because it's inane. You spend an entire day doing nothing of any particular importance, and as you're ready to leave, you realize that they've saved the best for last! And so, in a sort of extended torture session, you feel your sanity slipping away...slowly...ever so

I just thought I'd try and point out the fact that the pain, although mostly psychological, often translates itself into physical fatigue. Perhaps many of us experience this on a day to day basis...unfortunately, it's not the kind of experience you can put on your resume.

", it says here that you're especially experienced in brain drain. Can you explain that a little bit?"

"Uh...ugga bugga...Ugga Bugga...snrklfrtrztjaskdpajfgklsdfkgfaogagjinlsodifgja!!!"

Funny thing when you can't seem to put more than two words together at a So, why do I sit here at keep rattling off some bull at the end of each day? I don't the moment it seems to be a form of release...and when it gets 'old' I'll probably move on. But, for the moment, its just an effort to try and connect with other people who experience the same sort of thing on a daily basis (God forbid!). Why? Why the hell do we put ourselves through things like this? A the end of the day, we're working for other people who tend to have more money, and therefore, more authority (apparently) to get others (read 'people like us') to do their dirty work for them. It's just unlike me to try and make it seem like it's alright...can keep a straight face...but the insanity eventually gets out, even if I have to sweat it out my pores! Damn...

Morning sun greets me
Sleepy faces everywhere
Horror and pain smile

I walk in to work
Stupid bastards here and there
I fit right in now

Sighing setting sun
What was the point? Why oh why?
Unanswered questions

Talk about frustration. And how do I resolve it? By sticking around at work longer...hmmmm...haven't figured this out now have I. Smooth moves brah! no come with us?
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