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Monday, September 26, 2005

An age-old cure?

So, a lot has been said about love and relationships over the last week. And I have to say that I was going through a bit of a discovery/rediscovery of sorts with regards to love. Well, it was a bit of a rolloercoaster, but I was the one I guess any car-sickness is my fault, eh? He he he. And then I realized that there is the physical and mental side of love. And then I came across the following article.

It interested me, the article that is, because it seemed to focus on the more physical, and perhaps even a more realistic side to the whole 'love' thing. Well, when I say 'more realistic' I'm referring to the direct consequences an idealstic approach can have. There are always ramifications (God I love that word). Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and all that. So, does that mean that a modern relationship, as pointed out in Josh's last piece, is doomed on this front because by encouraging her spouse to get "it" out of his system and enabling him to realize that he loves her regardless of what he may do with the other women in his life, she is in fact putting herself at risk? She's asking for it (it being trouble with a capital T)??? Perhaps. But I'm sure this kind of relationship is a result of people's self-esteem needs. The consequences, as are apparent among several polygamous societies in Africa and Asia, are what we see before us at the moment. No doubt it's a combination of lack of awareness, maybe personal preferences too like not wanting to wear a condom, and a cultural aspect that dictates/allows for such things to happen; level of acceptability, if you will.

And then, I came a cross this little gem of a paragraph in the article...and I was shocked.

"President Thabo Mbeki tragically still shows symptoms of AIDS denialism," said Achmat. Mbeki reputedly doubts the link between HIV and AIDS. Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has repeatedly voiced doubts about the safety and efficacy of antiretrovirals, instead stressing the benefits of a diet heavy in garlic, lemon and olive oil."

So, it seems to be another case of the opinions of those in power quite possibly messing things up for the rest of humanity. It's not the first time. The elite/intelligentsia in India are often responsible for leading the masses astray; sometimes for religio-political gains, other times...zimbly. Why? Because they can...and that's the hardest thing to accept.

Well, the article brings up several questions, no doubt, but I think the focus should be the reactions of Mbeki and his Health Minister. And, you can never really beat an idea into someone's head. Come on, we're all human beings after all. So, if you have the means of 'beating it into me', then I have the means of 'keeping it out'. And before I go around and preach the benefits of the 'cut', I have to disclaim that I have no experience in the matter, and this is just mental rambling. Let's see what comes of this finding. Pretty funny eh? I mean, imagine some reasearcher coming up to you and asking you to join this effort..."Uh, we'd like you to be a part of this study. We're going to circumcise you, and then keep a track of your sex-life." Like after you get circumcised you're unleashed on the world in a very go-forth-and-fornicate kind of way.
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