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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chaos & Order

Cosmic Consciousness Is Order in Chaos
by Paramahamsa Sri Nityananda

The Universe, the macrocosm, is in apparent chaos and the individual body, the microcosm, is in apparent order. Energy in each atom is chaotic. In that chaos there is order. Chaos with order is Cosmic Intelligence. The stars and planets move in order, with no apparent regulatory authority. Nature is not just mater and power; it is also Intelligence.

Believing that the Universe is just matter is what causes conflict. If we believe that the univers is Intelligent Energy, that it is compassionate, and taht it responds to us, then peace prevails. There are those who are spiritual who believe in innate inteligence and those who live to control others, believing themselves to be more intelligent than nature.

Cosmic energy responds to us. In "Message from Water," Masaru Emoto describes his experiments with ordinary water. He bottled water in different containers and labelled them; love, hate, greed, compassion and terror. To each bottle of water he spoke everyday for 10 minutes in line with its label; he projected his thought with awareness on them. To water labelled love he spoke on love with love; to the on labelled terror he spoke on terror with terror.

At the end of a month he froze the water in these bottles separately and studied the frozen crystals of each under a microscope. The crystals of water labelled love shone brilliantly like diamonds; those labelled terror seemed misshapen, and fearsome. Water responded to Emoto's thoughts and words. Water constitutes more than 80% of our body system. You can imagine the powe of words, our own and those of others upon our body system. The rest of the universal energy responds similarly to us.

The Universe responds to the state of your being. State of being brings you status; not the other way around. Status without a positive state of mind only brings you grief and suffering.

For most of us God is a dustbin. Whatever we do well we take credit for. Anything that goes wrong we blame God for. God is great if he answers our prayers. Please remember God is even greater when he does not make your prayers come true; because only he knows how dangerous your prayers are to you.

As part of this Universe we are also part of its potential, chaos and order. When we try to be in control of ourselves and other, when we try to be perfect, we violate this cosmic order. Perfectionism is a disease; it can lead to insanity. Orderly people inflate their ego and suffer.

We try to maintain order because we believe we have our boundaries. Let go your boundaries, your need for order will disappear; joy will appear. When you realize the cosmic consciousness within yourself, you will discover the order that is inherent in you, without doing yourself harm. You will accept yourself as you and others as they are.

When you experience the order in cosmic chaos, you experience bliss; when you realise the chaos within you as order, you exude compassion; that compasion then leads you to enlightenment. Be in nitya ananda.
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