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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Argument Continues...

For those of us who've grown up during the whole Parry's "Coffee Bite" era this is a familiar tag line. For those of us who haven't, well, so you haven't. To describe the advert briefly, there's a situation at hand (one of the situations is on a battlefield with two opposing generals who seem to be working things out, when all of a sudden the Coffee Bite threatens to jeapordize everything and get them started again) where two or more people are arguing whether or not the "Coffee Bite" is a toffee, or if it's coffee. But that's not what I was going to talk about today.

In the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that there's being a lot said about 'marijuana' and the fact that people are discovering how it isn't as harmful as they once thought. But it seems to me that things tend to end right there. I mean, they say it's not as harmful and that there are some things that are/may be beneficial to those who suffer from cancer, AIDS, etc...but the stigma attached to this 'drug' is such that regardless of any 'benefits' it is still taboo. The other way of looking at it is, of course, that people who use it are trying to cite reasons and find ways to further encourage its use. Nothing wrong with either of these POVs, though I must say that going with the whole 'human nature' thing, I think it would be better for it to be legalized than to have it on the streets in a clandestine but far more deadly manner. Do I support legalization? Yes, absolutely. I guess there was some poor guy way back when who set fire to many things and tried to see if they got him high. Well, good on you mate. What a hornet's nest you kicked up. It's hard enough trying to get through the day normally, than having to do it with another issue added to the always growing list of issues.

How did I decide to talk about this? Well, as usual it was something that I came across on Yahoo!. The funny thing is, that I thought I saw something like this in the Times of India a week ago, but then again, short term memory isn't a forte, eh? Hahaha. The article talks about how smoking marijuana is less likely to cause cancer than smoking tobacco. Well, the issue here isn't so much 'what to smoke' as 'why smoke in the first place'. And for those of us who do, well, we have our reasons. None of them are very good, but that doesn't seem to be stopping us, eh? Well, maybe we'll figure out how everything will fit together in the greater scheme of things, in this game of life, as we wander around this arena called Earth. In true gladiatorial fashion, it is up to us to be emperors of our own lives and to give this habit the 'thumbs up'...or to "send it" to it's final resting place. It's always up to us, isn't it? He he he.

Oh, well, that last bit of the previous paragraph was supposed to be a conclusion, but I just realized that in my attempt to begin with an example I actually, and rather unwittingly, came across something else. The Parry's Confectionery Limited website shows a graphic with the text "Parrys Confectionery Limited is now Lotte India Corporation Limited." Apparently, this happened some time last year. Here are a couple of websites for Lotte (1,2). Lotte is a South Korean company. And it's interesting that we share the same Independence Day as South Korea (different year though)...I learnt that in Kodai when I first saw that the Indian and Korean students all traditionally dressed up on the 15th of August.

Back to the whole McWeed thing, I'd just like to hear what your views are on the legalization of marijuana. And, being a 'gateway' drug, would it mean that by legalizing it we're setting ourselves up for future legalization issues and protests for drugs like Cocaine, LSD, and Ecstacy?
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