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Friday, October 28, 2005

In the news today...

Well, a few updates of things happening around the world, which to the average Indian such as myself invloves the US, the UK and India. So, there I was just glancing at some headlines while listening to In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003, and I came across a couple that 'caught my eye' the girl in one of those last poems...aaaahhhhh...the memories are sooo nice...

Anyway, the first one is about the new anti-smoking laws that are going to be enforced in the UK. What has now become an 'age-old' debate does in fact seem to continue on, especially in places where people are making a rediscovery of healthy living.
"Under the new bill, smoking would be banned in restaurants and bars where food is served but private clubs will be exempt and pubs serving no food will be able to choose whether to allow smoking or not."
But then there's also the thing about why the individual first begins to smoke, and this leads to an examination of lifestyle, and the past. Hmm. Nope, that's not covered in the article... So, when will EVERYONE willingly put down the cigarette and agree that it's not necessary in this life, or in any life for that matter. But I should be one to talk, eh?

The second article is about a "scathing report" by Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Independent Inquiry Committee (IIC). The report talks about stuff that people have been talking about for a while now. But at least it's "official" now, eh? Well, the only thing that remains is for it to not happen anymore. Hahaha. Sorry, who am I kidding. They're currently "occupied", right? I mean, there are elections going on. But violence is rather rampant, and you see/hear reports of people disappearing, or blowing up, or getting shot everyday. It's sad that life has come to a 'dime a dozen' type of situation. But wait, doesn't look like things will improve in the near future. Wow. Here's a little bit from the article, about the report:
"It meticulously detailed how the $64 billion program became a cash cow for Saddam and more than half the companies participating in oil-for-food — at the expense of Iraqis suffering under U.N. sanctions. It blamed shoddy U.N. management and the world's most powerful nations for allowing the corruption to go on for years."
Hmm. Like I said, it's official, at least. And for all those who are wondering where this is going, well, maybe Iraq will be state # 52 or 53 after Puerto Rico and either Haiti or like the Midway Islands or something. But I guess they'll have to 'annex' Iraq first...officially.

Well, the last two (Article 1, Article 2) is closer to home, and it has to do with the incessant rains in South India at the moment. Weather reports and the like have been terrible here in Bangalore. Colleagues at work got an SMS asking them to stay indoors between 3 and 5pm yesterday to avoid a raging storm that was headed this way. storm, and we stayed indoors alright. Hahaha. And the traffic outside was brilliant. No no, seriously...I was only stuck in traffic for half an hour. And then I got home and watched the news about things in Chennai, and I thanked God they weren't so bad. Crazy stuff man. The death toll is a little over a 100 'persons', while about 50,000 people have been "evacuated" from "flooded low-lying areas" in Chennai.

So, that's the world at the moment, or parts of it anyway. How're things in your neck(s) of the woods? Back to the music...and the memories...aaahhh...the memories...
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