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Monday, October 24, 2005

A or B?

Here are a couple of poems that I wrote. Actually, it all began when I was asked to describe the significance of a relationship I had been in. Having failed to do so in truly "blasted" Malayalee fashion (sorry boys, it hurts to hear it, eh?) I said that I would write a poem to 'atone' for my sins. I mean, it got to the point where she told me to never open my mouth if people asked me about 'us' before. So, on that note I began writing, and it ended up becoming two poems. I'm not particularly sure that the intended purpose has been achieved, but I want her to tell me if that is or isn't the case. Well, that goes for all the rest of you as well. Let me know which one you think is better. Here are your options.
1) A

2) B

3) A & B

4) Neither A nor B



I don't remember when we first met,
Or what we said to each other.
But I remember that sparkle in your eyes
Because, well, I'll never wuite forget.

And then we started speaking on occasion,
And occasions became time well spent.
And I remember it was easy to talk to you
Because, it's still time well spent...and I still do.

We were friends, getting to know each other,
And we had our ups, and our downs.
And I remember that we fought andfrowned
Because we were stubborn, and wouldn't back down.

I remember time spent sulking; brooding and feeling upset.
I remember the fights, and I remember the silences.
And I even remember the places where you cried
Because I lacked consideration and common sense.

But there's far more that I remember, like your smile,
Your laugh, the way you moved, even the fragrance,
That lingered in the air everytime you walked by.
Why? Because you were elegant and angelic; you caught my eye.

Knowing you was easy, it was me who was difficult.
But in my defense, I knew no means, and saw no end.
But you persevered, and you called my bluff.
Because that's who you are, a beautiful friend.

Watching your every step was a pleasure, I never could look away.
Your graceful airs and the way you said hello like only you could.
Listening to every word and not knowing what to say
Because I didn't measure up, and knew I never would.

I have a most refreshing memory of the kind of person you were;
Your infectious energy, your levelheaded views, at times.
And it used to tickle me to irk you, now and then, of course
Because you knew I cared, and ranted obligingly.

And so it came to pass, the ups and the downs all inclusive.
But we were apart, never knowing when or where again,
Yet it was comfortable, and nothing had changed, it seemed.
And that's something I cherish, because it was great to be "us".

But you said that my reasons were pathetic and lame,
Because why "we" were special, I couldn't explain.
Well, all I can throw up my arms and say
Is that you're Perfect!...and I wouldn't want you any other way.


I miss...

I miss just standing and looking at you.
Watching you glide
Across the glistening green grass.
An aura of life and joy surrounding your body.

I miss just holding you in my arms.
Looking into your eyes;
Oceans of love and caring.
An eternity of bliss draws me nearer.

I miss just smelling your hair.
A wafting bouquet
Of fields of daisies and daffodils.
Long, flowing, auburn locks, soft and smooth to the touch.

I miss whispering sweet nothings to you.
To see what joy it brings,
With a most doleful and adoring smile.
Most sensuous and yet somehow innocent.

I miss our long passionate kisses.
Moments so intense
That I lost myself, never to be found.
A memory so sacred and everlasting.

I miss your body close to mine.
Running my hands
Over your soft golden skin.
The pulsating rhythm, it quickens out of step.

I miss that we're no longer like this.
A feeling so strong
It overwhelms the senses.
Every time in your presence, in awe of your beauty.

I wish I'd known you better,
If nothing else
In this otherwise ordinary life.
It was well worth it and more, I want you to know.

I think about it and smile.
That was then
And in the "now" we must keep moving.
I close my heart begins smiling.

So there you have it. A or B. THAT is the question. And if you're reading this Anjori, I expect you to have something to say. Well, that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed the show.
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