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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In the news...08NOV2005

Well, another brilliant day as usual. No, I'm kidding. The weather's been very gloomy here in the "Garden City" for most of this week. I know it's only Tuesday, but if you've seen or heard anything about the rains that have been "rocking" this city then you will sympathize, surely. In fact, check out these pictures from two previous posts on this blog (Post 1, Post 2). Annnyway, like I was saying, it's been one of those days. Well, sure enough, and this has a funny way of happening, I happened to glance at a couple of headlines and found a couple that were intriguing. Don't I always say that? Well, sure, but I can't help it if simplicity intrigues me now, can I?

The first article is about Dubya. Having said that I realize that some of you may have just gone, "Oh no! Not more about his get-rich-quick, "Curious George"-style presidency." Well, no. Nothing of the sort. But he did do another 'dubya'. I mean, how in the world can you be saying that your troops don't resort to torture and have your Vice President already attempt to lay the ground for excluding the CIA from this. What are these people thinking? Are they even thinking? I don't mind if they came out and did this nonsense because they were generally naive or illiterate. But who're they trying to fool? And why? Wow man, this seemed to be another one of those inane ones which was sort of like watching reruns of a show that you hated but were forced to watch because there was absolutely nothing else to do. Ouch! And for these guys trying pull the 'Abercrombie & Fitch' over our eyes, I have three words for you: Abu Ghraib baby! No wonder there were 'violent protests' after he made a statement to this effect.

The second article is about the gross negligence of human rights in Zimbabwe, with specific reference to those with AIDS. As it turns out, apparently, the government is persecuting those who have AIDS. The article begins with a frail HIV-positive fruit seller who gets harassed about her plight by the officers who arrest her. They go so far as to deprive her of her foot wear, telling her to return to the countryside with a, "Go away to die." And there is an AIDS epidemic on in Zimbabwe. Wow, one of the many ways of how NOT to go about things, methinks.

But this second one got me thinking about lots of things, but mostly about how it is possible for one human being to do this, or say something to this effect to another human being. I mean, I guess it's difficult because you never really think too much outside of what you yourself are capable of. I mean, any positive or negative opinion of something, especially when it comes to human character and potential, comes from one's assessment of the act/event/incident using oneself as the benchmark. Like my friend Oz once told me, "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one." And so we have opinions of how ghastly or brutal something is. But how often does it bother us to think about the fact that the reason things like this happens is not because of you or me, or because the conditions are right...but simply because it can. If it can, it will. Murphy's Law. Don't know which number or if those are the words, but a sad application of it, nonetheless. Does that mean that all people are just monster's pretending to be angels? Are we all sick, despotic, tyrants who await the opportunity to one day rule the world and have things their way? Or is it that the only place for true malice is on the top, where it can do the most damage? Or is Robert Mugabe just insane?. I mean, they've experienced a severe drought, they've got some inane land reforms going, and their cricket team is in shambles and "color" re-arranged. Now this? What else will he think of?

But the fact that someone can do this, or think this way, and not be bothered by the fact that "lives" are at stake...I mean, how do you deal with someone like this? Do you rap them on the knuckles? Do you give them some good old fashioned desi disciplining? Or do you say, "Tsk, tsk, tsk," and wag a finger at them like you would at an erring two-year old?

Wow. That's how people can be. And no matter how many times you hear about 6 million Jews perishing in concentration camps during WWII, something like this comes up and you find yourself looking at a live example of utter disregard for the sanctity of being a human being. Hmm...

Well, I'd like to leave you with a few links with information pertaining to HIV/AIDS.
2) The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource
3) How AIDS Works by Kevin Bonsor
4) See HIV in Action from PBS
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