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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Well Blogged!

Now I haven't managed too much of an opportunity to visit other friend's blogs and comment, or even just enjoy what they had to say. Well, I used to try and do it more often, but of late I've found that I haven't really had the time...because I work, I guess...Hahahaha. Sorry. But like I was saying, I came across a couple of things on other "friendly bloggers'" blogs that I thought was cool. So, in an effort to consolidate all the 'goodness' that seemed to be laying about, I decided to create this post. So, all of you give yourselves a big hand! You deserve it.

First up, I'd like to talk about a post from Avi's blog. This one was about the late Johnny Cash, and the new movie of his life. I liked the way Avi talked about the otherwise turbulent life of Cash, but also about how it helped him relate to the 'common man' because his music was about the struggles and hardships the 'common man' faced. And in his own way, Cash too had to deal with life and figure things out for himself, which led to him being able to relate to people, which is what people liked about him. I like the way Avi wrote this piece, and the way he embellished it with pictures. Well done, I say.

Second, there are a couple of interesting 'studies' that Ro has done about the Football World Cup coming up in Germany. He talks about loopholes in the seeding system for the World Cup, which, incidentally, is how the groups are drawn up. Very good information I thought, and well put too. Ro, like Amit, and I'm guessing Lavi and Avi too, is 'rather' passionate about football, and I think that is necessary to make the kind of findings that he well as to articulate them and to provide the for/against arguments for them. Good one Ro. Maybe some 'dude' at FIFA will get a look at it and say, "Hmm. That's a pretty good idea." Don't worry man, there's always hope, right? Oh, and before I forget, there's another one by Ro, and that is his observations, so to speak, of travelling on the trains in Mumbai. Ro, man, I haven't had/taken the opportunity to travel on the trains, but if I come down I know I HAVE to try it, especially after reading this.

Then, there was my friend Amit, and his krayzee recollection of Dreams. And this particular dream finds my man Amit in his Dream House. A very chilled out house, no doubt, as you can see for yourself. Well, he did say that he had this dream while in Hawaii, and I think that stands out from the kind of descriptions, or visions, that he has for his own place. Good one. And if you build it then don't forget to invite me man! There's also a dream that I had, and posted, so let me use this opportunity to be 'slimy' and add a link to it here. Hee hee hee.

Which brings me to my friend Lavi, and his blog: Lavi Rants. He has a couple of posts that I want to link to. The first of these is the one about the Holy month of Ramadan, and how the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan had their fasting interrupted. More importantly, however, I think what really drew me to this post was the fact that Lavi made a sincere effort to help these people, and that too without trying to give them money. I don't know about anyone else, but I think there's too much money flowing around in the world today, and people seem to use it as the answer to everything. I lost something. Here's some money. I saw a beggar on the street today. Did you give him some money? My friend lost her husband in a horrible car crash. Oh, I bet the undertaker charged her a lot of money. And shit like that. No man. That's absolutely not cool. Here is Mr. Lavinder Singh trying to fast for the people who had their lives so utterly 'shaken' and destroyed. And I think for that, he should be given a big hand. Oh, a big hand for Sly too, otherwise he won't invite me to those secret BBQ parties that he keeps having. He he he... But Lavi, and I know it was some time ago, kudos to you man, even if it was only trying. Again, ladies and gentlemen, a BIIIG hand for Lavi! And for the 'grand' finale, there's a more recently posted joke by him. Enjoy.

Then, there's Nayma's Blog, and I think it's a pretty good source of political information. However, on this occasion, she has a little anecdote about an incident on the bus from Queens Blvd. Pretty wierd, no doubt. But if you've lived in the US, especially a little before and directly after th 11th of September, 2001, then you too are very familiar with the constant staring, and the seemingly random fear of 'dark' people. Well, 'it' happens everywhere in the world, and it's sad, but you live with it and try to make a better example that other's can follow. Pretty interesting, nonetheless. Reminds me of this time when I asked a lady if I could sit down on the seat next to her, and if she didn't mind moving her bag, which was occupying the seat. She did move it, but she kept grumbling very loudly for the entire duration of the bus ride. Funny? Yeah, I was laughing.

And last but not least, there's my man Oz, and his blog. The first post is a joke, Oz-ishtyle. It's pretty funny, and if you know this guy as well as I do, you'll know that this is only the beginning. He he he. Anyway, I hope you guys like it. However the real piece de resistance is the most recent post...and you'll have to try out what it asks you to do to TRULY understand why it's so great. Brilliant man. Where did you hear about this?

Well, that about sums it up for me. I just wanted to thank everyone for doing such brilliant jobs. And a special mention for my man Josh who posts brilliant stuff on this blog. Well, plenty more where all of this came from, eh?
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