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Friday, December 09, 2005

'Honor' Crimes

Just how far will someone go to protect the ideals that s/he believes in? Well, unfortunately, to the point of taking another's life to either make an example, or to eliminate the 'transgressor', so to speak. And this is rather sad, no doubt, but it seems like a lot of the things we consider to be 'sad' still continue to take place. Why? Let's not go there.

But here's a headline that caught my eye...not because it was a particularly exciting piece of news from the UK, but it seems like people are finally waking up and taking stock of what people, as human beings, are really capable of. The article talks about, or lists, several examples of murder that have/had taken place because families didn't approve of the relationships that their children were getting into...for reasons such as incompatible community, religion, age, or whatever.

The article begins begins by talking about Rukhsana Naz, a 19 year-old, who was "pinned to the floor of [her] family house" by her mother, while "her brother strangled her with a length of cable." This was done, apparently, in the name of "honor"; an 'honor killing', as the article calls it. The following sections detail all sorts of atrocities from the July 7 London bombings, to Asian girls being forced into marriage at the age of 11, and it ends nicely by pointing out that men stand a serious chance of losing their lives if they get involved with girls from 'psycho' families.

But it got me thinking about how much 'wrong' is done in the name of 'right'. And it never seems to stop. From the Crusades, to the World Wars, to the all-too-familiar ethno/religio/socio-cultural/political conflicts which have broken out all over our planet today. It's pretty crazy man, but every single day you read about people dying in Iraq because of a suicide bomber, or an ambush. You also read about all sorts of violence like people being 'exterminated' by other ethnic groups, or some religious conflict that has been on for the last 50 - 100 years. Crazy man. All in the name of God, ideology, rights, honor, humanity, and the like. Didn't anyone stop to think about it? And not just big battles. What about all the punches you see being thrown on the side of the road by two, or more, enraged motorists? Why violence? Is it because there's so much of it going around? Is it so easy to dole out? Is it easier for you to attack and then consider the consequences? Or would you rather think about what your momentary rage could cause you to say/do.

It's hard man, but to tell you the truth, if you just stop to think about what will result from what you do, you will find that you have a greater control of yourself...rather than a greater 'sense' of control in the throes of a fit of rage. Ira furor brevis est. Translation, "Anger is a brief madness". And let's not even begin to debate the subjectivity of 'brevity'. So, I guess the thought I'd like to leave you with is this: Live and let live...because it's better that way, for all of us. And to all those out there who are going, "Well what about the burgeoning global population and the crises it creates?" Well, if you're smart enough to not procreate for the sake of doing so, and in the best interests of all humanity, then good for you. If you're not, then shut the hell up!
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