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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year in Vasind, Maharashtra.

So, there I was, on the 30th of December, 2005, cursing my luck and wishing that I would suddenly just vaporize or spontaneously combust. Well, unfortunately, none of those things happened. And the funny thing is I really thought, as scary as it was, that I would have to come in to work on the 1st of January, 2006 to finish whatever work I had to have finished. It wasn't really a deadline...just some kind of milestone after which the consequences became rather blurry...but I wasn't really inclined to care about this. Also, and to add to my own self-inflicted misery, I had been coming in to work at 8am and leaving at like 5 or 6pm for the past two weeks. And I know that you may not think this to be an achievement of any sort, but I am serving out my notice period of a month, and in such a situation, it is only the will to 'do a good job' that keeps one going...the 'work' itself, well, that's another story. So, yeah, the suffering, like I was saying, found me on the morning of the 30th thoroughly 'tuckered out' and hoping for either the Grim Reaper or a meteorite to put an end to it all.

But no. That wasn't about to happen now, was it. Hmm. Then I remembered that my machcha Pradeep and I had briefly discussed 'fugging off' from Bangalore, and he did say something about going to Bombay. So, I initiated the process of acquiring more information about flight timings and ticket prices and all that...because at 8am, not too many people are awake to sit down and chat about what you talked about the night before. That's just me. Anyway, so I looked around on the Internet for stuff, and for some reason I felt a push towards actually making the trip. Now you have to understand one thing about me...and that is I'm not exactly the kind of guy to just pick up and leave. I mean, I may be chilled out and open to new ideas, but I like to also think of myself as a meticulous planner (notice that I said that I like to think of myself as one), and so sudden plans are not usually appreciated...especially if they involve distances that can't be reached on foot. However, as I sat there, I really began to feel the need to get out of town.

My head was buzzing with reasons for and against making this trip. It all came flooding back, albeit within this slightly warped and now comatose head...Anjori had asked me to come as it would give me a good chance to catch up with Vidur, Udit, Shetty and Neethu (who had just gotten married on Christmas...and Yazi/Theezer was out of town in HYD, unwell...ouch!) and a couple of other friends. Apparently, they were going out to a place called Vasind, which I later discovered was on the way to Nasik. Well, not that finding out where it was made any difference at the end of the day...but at least I got the spelling right, I think. So, I managed to hook up a ticket last minute, the evening of the 30th, flew out of BLR on the 31st, and came back on the night of the 1st. Short trip, and many people would ask me and look at me like I was just plain crazy...or worse, Malayalee! But I had an awesome time!!!

So, to give you a one-sentence run down of the first part of the trip, I landed in Bombay/Mumbai at around 10:30am, met Anjori, stopped by her place for a second, then went and picked up people with her...Vidur first, then Sagarika, then Mashneen, did a few last minute things like pick up gifts (which I will get to in a second), met up with Udit/Kaps, and Udhay, Shahana and Kunal J., and then made our 'merry way' to Vasind. A short drive of less than an hour and a half, and there wasn't much traffic at all. But once there, man, I was floored...flabbergasted even! The house was splendid. If I called it a mansion, I run the risk of you imagining some Greco-Roman, wannabe mansion. This house was beautiful! Zimbly Outstanding! I believe applause is in order. So, like I was saying, it was a faaabulous house, and once we'd figured out who was in which room etc, then all that was left for us to do was to jump into the pool. It was freezing, and the resultant game of water polo, or so we called it, was a mangled affair..oh, I was doing most of the mangling. Ha ha ha. Anyway, after a 'quick dip' we headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner.

Upon returning to the main house, because the rooms we were occupying were part of the 'guest house', we were greeted to a food and beverage smorgasbord. Even 'yours truly' after much encouragement, indulged in a bit of vin. Je pense que j'avais bu plus qu'une bouteille...quel dommage! But the party really came alive when it was time to exchange the gifts that we'd carried with us. It was a game called 'Angels', apparently, where we each bought a gift, wrote our names on it and wrote our names on chits that we later picked from a bag. What did I take as a gift? A bottle of wine, that, if I may say so myself, was wrapped very elegantly by Ms. Alagh. Thanks Anjori. I don't know who got it, but I guess it didn't really matter. What did I get? Or rather, what gift did I end up picking? Take a look for yourselves...
Handcuffs & Lubricant? Thank you God!So, and among all the other things to look forward to this year, I guess this was a bit of a surprise. A welcome surprise, nonetheless, but hey, don't tell me you would have expected to receive something like this ever. Anyway, and for those of you who're waiting to hear about whether or not I managed to 'inaugurate' it on New Years day/night...I didn't. But I had a most amazing time, and although I was exhausted and ready to pass out, I think I ended up doing the 'right' thing by going to Bombay. Now, there are those of you who're probably going, "But you never fugging told me" and all that. And I apologize. But it was something I had to do for myself, and I'm honestly, truly, and very VERY glad that I did!

I'm going to have to give you the rest of the details later... But before I go, I just wanted to thank Puneet for organizing such an awesomely chilled out gathering, and for having me as one of his guests in spite of never having met me before. Thanks dude. Your house rocks...and bringing in 2006 definitely did too!

What to look forward to in the next post?
- The writing on the back of the 'tube of lube'
- The 'aftermath'
- New flying experiences with 'Indian'

And, in closing, I'd like to thank Anjori. Thanks Anjori, for talking me through the whole mental confusion thing which has come to be an oft undesirable state of affairs, and for giving me the sense to do what is right.
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