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Monday, February 13, 2006

A Week In My Life

Here's one I thought I'd do we Malayalees are prone to saying. Well, if nothing else, someday when I wish to look back on this time I can see what kind of advice someone actually gave me...or bothered to give me. Or maybe it was who I chose to turn to...or maybe I needed to know that there are more than enough people out there with the "right" answer, but none of them were "right enough" for me. And believe you me, I'm usually the one stuffing my opinion down people's throats because it seems to make a lot of sense to me...but isn't that always the case?

So, here are the horoscopes that I received in my email from the Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Astrocentre. The first one is the weekly review that's supposed to give the reader/recipient a "taste" of what's to come. The rest are to try and show how the week panned out one day at a time. Well, if any of this makes sense, not the horoscopic-advice but the effort to attempt to log a bunch of seemingly random bits of somehow subjective advice, then please let me know. He he he. Yenjoy peepul! And take care of yourselves.

The "Weekly Plan" 06FEB2006 - 12FEB2006

Your home seems to be one place where it is all happening this week, Rohin. On Monday you may be encouraged to make a decision that you have been thinking about for some time. Perhaps it is a dream that you have put to the back of your mind. The Sun conjuncts Neptune while Mercury sextiles Pluto, which is going to give you both inspiration and determination. It may also instigate a plan that makes for some changes in the near future. Don't let it all fizzle away - take baby steps and see it all through to the end. Mars will be in your opposite sign of Taurus for just one week more before it hits your sensitive eighth house. In the meantime celebrate all the positive changes that have occurred since it has been in your partnership zone and the renewed strength this has brought to the relationship. Mercury moves into your love affairs zone on Wednesday, so you may find that conversation and the appreciation of each other's intellect will be paramount in getting any new affairs moving. The Full Moon in Leo on Sunday brings career issues to your attention and may put you firmly in the spotlight.

Monday 06FEB2006

Today, you will think far ahead. What does the future have in store for you? You will wonder about your finances. Will you be richer in a couple of years? And what about your job's prospects? As usual, entourage will gather around you and will listen attentively. They will surely agree with your points of view.

Tuesday 07FEB2006

You might be a little sensitive today, Rohin. You don't like to be controlled, and someone might be throwing his or her weight around. Try not to let their crankiness rub off on you. Don't get into a disagreement if you are asked to do something you would rather not. Additional responsibilities could require adjustment, but could actually be a good opportunity for you...

Wednesday 08FEB2006

Today you could be thinking about your home life, Rohin. Maybe you want to make some changes to your routine. If you usually go out in the evenings, you might want to spend some time at home tonight. You could use some time to reflect and meditate. Or you might benefit from relaxing with loved ones. Turn off the TV set and just talk to each other. Get to know these important people in your life. Don't tune them out!

Thursday 09FEB2006

This is the perfect time to break out of your shell, Rohin. Sometimes you tend to be the shy guy, keeping a low profile, and not venturing out into the social world. Today you could feel a little restless. You're probably ready to party! Get together with some good friends and loosen up. Or just ask that attractive friend out for a special date. You'll enjoy connecting with others in fun, social ways.

Friday 10FEB2006

Today you could engage in some verbal debates, Rohin. Your mind will be racing with creative ideas and strong opinions. All of this mental energy has to be expressed somehow. Share your thoughts with a receptive colleague, but don't push your opinions on more stubborn types. Try to adopt a less aggressive tone if you want to avoid a fistfight at the water cooler! If you remain tactful, you can keep out of harm's way.

Saturday 11FEB2006

You might need to cultivate a bit more compassion, Rohin. When you feel strongly about something, you tend to see only in black and white. The shades of gray often escape you. Today you could be convinced that you are right about something. Try to honor the opposite point of view. If you are more empathetic to your "enemy," you'll soon find yourselves on the same side!

Sunday 12FEB2006

You have the very bad habit of always sticking your nose in other people's business, Rohin. In fact, you tend to think that your opinion is indispensable in situations you know little or nothing about! Try to leave you friends alone for a while and stop trying to impose your point of view on them. This simple change in your behavior could make your relationships a lot more peaceful than they may have been lately.

Well, that was last week. How did it go? Swimmingly! He he he...
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