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Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Raise your t-bar"

That's what a colleague of mine said to me. He told me that by "raising my 't'-bar" I would be able to improve my self-esteem.

It all began with this colleague coming over and asking me to scan something for him. As it turns out, and this is how its been for the better part of a year and a half now, the only scanner in the office is connected to my computer. If you think this enables me to dictate any terms and be the king of my own self-imposed scanning kingdom, you're wrong. What it does do is mildly frustrate me, on a good day that is, to have to scan things for other people. But this is human nature at its most selfish best; I hate doing this kind of work for other people when I'm in the middle of something else, but I won't think twice about putting all my work on hold to scan something for myself. That's the way this cookie crumbles, anyway.

As he stod around waiting for the software to load and the scanner to 'warm up', he seemed intrigued at the little pad on the table. It's my "official" scribbling pad, and after a major tea-spillage a couple of weeks ago it seems to have this rather interesting papyrus-by-early-Egyptians look to it. That's what I thought he was admiring, but just to be sure I asked him.

"If it's my handwriting that you're looking at then I have to tell you that I've had bad handwriting ever since I was a little kid, and I haven't really bothered to do anything about it," I said in a sort of take-it-or-leave-it tone of voice. But he was still peering at it intently, and the damn scanner seemed to have frozen itself solid because it was still 'warming up'. So, I decided to give him a little room and a bit of time to tell me what it was that he was looking at. Almost as if my leaving him be had triggered a reaction from him, he looked up and said, "I do handwriting analysis."

"Alright, go ahead and analyze," I said, simply because it seemed to be the most natural thing to say. And sure enough, that's exactly what he started doing. Now, I seem to remember that at some point DA had suggested a site that we try to have our handwriting analyzed at. Turns out that further on in the conversation this colleague suggested the same website to me: Handwriting University International. So a lot of the things he said I'd already come across, but I had to say that while he was doing it I couldn't help but notice how engrossed in the analysis he was.

When he finished telling me the findings of his brief analysis, he asked me how many points, or what percentage I would give him. I told him that it was pretty damn accurate so, I gave him a 9/10. As it turns out, and because my curiousity wouldn't let me sit tight and leave this alone, he eventually plans to make a career out of this. It turns out that there are only a handful of "certified" handwriting analysts out there, which makes this a huge opportunity in terms of a career. Well, apparently it does...make sense, that is.

Then, as a sort of parting note, one that he hopes will enable me to improve the kind of person I am and all that, he told me to do a simple exercise. He asked me to practice on plain sheets of paper, for about six weeks, elevating the bar that I use to cross my 't's. The theory behind this exercise is that the more I focus on doing this exercise, and because ever since a person is born s/he has had their brains ruling the functioning of their hands, by focusing on making a change I will have effected a reverse process that should make me feel better about myself. That's interesting, and I'm going to give it a try, no doubt. But I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this initially, and I didn't see the need to get plain, unlined A4 sheets...not yet, anyway.

This prompted me to do some brief research about handwriting analysis or graphology as it is known, and it turns out that there are other uses for it, like in forensic analysis, for example. Damn! Maybe there is a future in it after all...but here's to those brave few who are willing to take that step. As for me, I'm happy just being me and trying to effect changes in my life that I feel are necessary as I see them.

Time for me to go let off some esteem...if you get my drift. ;-)
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