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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stop trying to get into my genes!

An article titled "Study: Sexual Desire is in Your Genes" on Yahoo! says that sack related issues are genetic. The ramifications of this study are that it is possible for sexual problems to be treated by drugs or other medication, rather than by counselling.

Now how about that eh? Not to mention that there is that whole other angle about MORE people on this planet who are all waiting to, well, waiting to just do it, (or are probably engaging as you're reading this) but sex as a business seems to sell, and sell rather well at that. It's not news to anyone I'm sure, but this new revelation will probably result in supermarket shelves being stocked with wondrous performance enhancers and other such mystic potions and elixirs that will keep you up all night...or at least keep you going and going and going...and going!

And that's good news I'm sure. I mean, there's nothing wrong with enhancing the randy romp, or otherwise engaging in exhilarating intercourse without the use of contraptions and gizmos...although there are some who'll argue that the latter are extremely effective in their own right...when used in the prescribed manner, of course. And there's already Viagra and even herbal viagra, so that market has already been cornered. So, what next?

Here's the most technical-sounding paragraph from the same short, but somehow rather sweet article:
The scientists, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, examined the DNA of 148 healthy male and female university students and compared the results with questionnaires asking for the students' self-descriptions of their sexual desire, arousal and sexual function. They found a correlation between variants in a gene called the D4 receptor and the students' self-reports on sexuality.
So, that's all it comes down to eh? The D4 receptor? Wow, who'd have thought. And for those of you who paid any attention to the people responsible for the study, what's up with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem? Sounds like secret research done in bomb-proof shelters that are located deep down in the Earth's crust to me. Then again, I'm reminded of that hit song with the lyrics "Put your hand upon my hip. When I dip you dip we dip." What?

Here's to a breakthrough, or a groundbreaking discovery (don't tell me how you do it) that could change the face of humanity. I guess the point is that regardless of something out there as too much sex, God forbid, that is the cause of several issues such as the population explosion, the aim will now be to make it all worthwhile. Nothing wrong with that at all. Perhaps I should end by saying that one eagerly awaits marketable products that use rhino horn or tiger penis to enhance the previously unenhanceable. Perhaps I should end by saying that things seem to be looking up. Or maybe a simple "That's f*cking beautiful" will suffice. You be the judge.
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