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Friday, October 27, 2006


Right, so it's been a while since I updated this blog, and for those of you who come back here and wonder why nothing seems to change I have this to say to you: Thank you. Thank you for being so diligent. I'd have to think of a better way to commend you for coming back, but hey, I could just be caught up in that whole my-world-is-a-delusion type of thinking to expect this to be what really goes on.

Before I assault you with some gruesome, and I do mean gruesome photographs of yours truly, I'd like to give you an update. It's pouring outside here in Chennai, courtesy the NE Monsoon, and while it's a good thing because the city, this city in particular, needs water, well, I can't help but say that it's a bit of a nightmare to have to deal with the puddles and lakes that spring up everywhere. For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about or have never had the experience before, thank your stars. Or maybe you're living in some kind of delusion know, not noticing six inches of brackish, and should you care to sample it, foul-tasting water all around you and all that? About the sampling thing, well, just make sure you don't have your mouth open, or that you aren't in mid-sentence in a conversation with someone as any vehicle whizzes past you throwing up waves of water, the same as described earlier, in its wake. It's not worth the experience, or the taste.

And now, for the pictures. Pictures of what, you may ask. Well, it was my birthday this past week, and as a ritual followed by the people here at work there is a cutting of the cake followed by some beauty treatment. Frankly, I don't know why that second step follows because for some of us beauty is a word that we look up in a dictionary. That's all. But, I'm getting ahead of myself, and not doing a very good job of it either. Oh, and all photos are courtesy Senthil, a colleague of mine. Thanks a ton Senthil!

Here's the first picture.

This man belongs behind a straitjacket!This one was taken to go on the website that Senthil was putting together. The reason for the insane expression or the hand sign are, still, unknown. But I can't deny the fact that it's me who's responsible for both of them.

Well, there was going to be a picture of the cake as well, but it didn't manage to load for some reason. I'm guessing the file was too large. Oh well, it was very sweet of them to arrange for the cake. It wasn't too fancy, and it came with three complimentary candles and a plastic knife from the folks at Hot Breads, which prompted the obvious comment about age and getting into complicated mathematical equations to try and equate the number of candles the number of years I've been around. Or maybe it's just me and not having grown up to stop making jokes about every single thing. I don't know, but at times like this I usually go with the "who cares" line of argument.

So, who cares, eh? Well, after you see what I have in store for you, you most definitely will care. In fact, and this is as good a point in the post to say it, please don't blame me for any mental scarring due to disturbing images and all that. Remember what I was saying about beauty treatment? Well, then please take a look at a beastly attempt at beauty. I would have said "on" beauty, but after that first picture I think I ruined any chance of making that statement with a straight face.

Ladies and gentlemen...quite possibly, the piece de resistance!

Forgive me for I know not what I do...or why I tend to smile that way, at least!

And that's a wrap...or a whole lot of chocolate icing on my face. As a beauty regimen, I suggest leaving the pack on for 10 minutes, followed by a gentle wiping off with a warm, moist towel. Then, for best results, as they say, follow it up with a fair amount of castor sugar. Remember to apply gently, with a brush preferably, in gentle upward strokes. Still not funny? Did I not manage to undo any scarring? Oh well, at least I tried, eh?

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