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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The burden of "perspective"

So, there I was, wanting to post something, and I had the word "perspective" on the mind. I decided I wanted to see what came up when I went on Google and did an 'Image Search', but not without first deciding to ignore all the tasks that I had planned to do. Instantly, there was an interesting rendering of "fish-eye perspective" from Wolfram Mathworld that I thought was quite cool.

An almost Japanese anime feel to this fish-eye perspective picture
Nothing special about it, but looking at it I was feeling strangely metaphorical. Ideas of the likes of "My world through fish eyes" came to mind, but then I was unsure about the whole "fish's eyes" or just "fish eyes" and decided that I couldn't have been bothered to go down that road. I mean, what's the point of being all uppity about your language skills and then going ahead and committing a blatant, no, flagrant error for all to see? Not to say that this isn't the case already, because there are several instances in this blog when that happens, but I didn't feel like going through the whole emotional dilemma of the whole thing as I'm normally prone to doing.

Then, I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a stick-figure cartoon that I couldn't make out from the thumbnail, so I clicked on it and went to the main site to get a better look. As things would have it, at least in my life, I came to a site where the sense of humor seemed to be just what I was looking for, or just what the doctor ordered, whichever floats your boat. The first picture that greeted me was titled "perspective".

What the hell is wrong with us, indeed As much of a computer science professional as I am not, I have to say that there's something ridiculously astute about this. Or maybe not. Maybe it was just the way I was feeling when I decided to run that search. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for stick figures. But, true to the way I am, I knew that there was something else to this site and its creator, Randall Munroe. Seems to be a pretty cool guy, judging by the responses on his About page.

I decided to take a quick look around at some of the other cartoons on display on this site, and I found that there were several that were funny, some that were downright hilarious, and some that took a while for me to understand. My bad, of course, being Rohin 1.0 and all. But, here are a couple more that I happened to like. Going back to the "maybes" in the previous paragraph, maybe I share a streak of 'random' humor with Mr. Munroe and that's why I took an instant liking to his drawings. Check this out. I like this one because it has to do with a brand of humor that I like to call stupid-funny. And, it's quite an honest attempt, honest, I suppose.

Ha ha ha. I love the "do raptors fear death" and the "can raptors pick locks" searches. Brilliant. Not to mention all the means of dealing with raptors, such as "big-game rifles" and "tire irons." Good one man. Here's another one that I liked. It starts off with a fictional reference, but ends with a good joke about a movie that continues to fascinate me.

This one was priceless, for me. I loved the way in which it begins with a difficulty with saying goodbyes, and ends with a sated, fictional wizard after watching a very perplexingly told Memento. Ha ha ha! Another good one. Please check out Mr. Munroe's website:

On that note, I would like to, before I end, say that I came to the computer to write about how I felt afflicted by the ability to see things from all sorts of different angles. That's why I think that perspective is a bit of a burden. And, not to assume a deeper connection with Mr. Munroe and his sense of humor, but it seems to me that I find a lot of that on his site. Also, before I get carried away with a whole lot of "me me me", allow me to say that this is the way I see it, of course. Perspective on my sense of perspective? How strange is that. But if I think about it, the real burden comes from not knowing what to do with all this perspective. Or maybe it's because I'm so concerned about doing the right thing. Hmm... Then again, maybe not. There are times when I don't really care about "the right thing." But I'd be lying to you if I said it wasn't always jumping up and down in the back of my mind, trying to get attention. As always, however, it's me and my burden. :-)

Here's a last one that I thought I'd leave you with. It's kind of a reminder of my last relationship. Well, sort of. And, if I really think about it, which I try not to do a whole lot of, I think I played the roles of both the first and the second "jerk"...depending on whose side of the story you end up getting.

Surreptitious love

Hope you enjoyed that one. And, once again, too-shay Mr. Munroe.

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