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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Interesting Proposition: Conclusion

So, visiting a place, a resident's association in Thiruvananthapuram, to sniff out potential customers for our product offerings, seems to bring up so many questions. Of course, and in due course as far as this blog is concerned, you will get to see these questions for yourself. First and foremost, is the quintessential, "Why?" Not "why are we trying to sell these things to people" because the answer is painfully obvious. No. The more apt question is "why do people look to companies like us for help like this?"

If memory serves me correctly, I remember the state of Kerala going through a flagrant period of blatant abuse of the English language through the setting up of "Spoken English" training institutes on each and every street corner. That was more than fifteen years ago. Things haven't changed. And now, as though waking up from that deep slumber that sometimes afflicts even the most hardworking of us all, Kerala seems to have re-discovered the need to equip its youth and its labor pool with language and communication skills to take on a more competitive future. To what effect? Most of its skilled labor is leaving the state for better opportunities elsewhere. The Malayalee Exodus continues. Couple that with the way things are in Kerala, with the politics and the hartals, and you have state of confusion; trying to lure its people to stay back and work towards the common good of the state, but having to relent to senseless politicking that has made a mockery of the government and its public servants for decades. A true dilemma, if you will. While this goes on, sneaky "fellows" like us go around trying get-while-the-getting-is-on and make a quick buck. Alright, not to come out and say that we "cheat" people, but the way this system is set up, it's always the customers looking for a miracle, we promising one and charging a relative whopper to those who can afford it, making there appear to be some change, and voila; a changed individual dressed, very often, in the "emperor's new clothes" kind of garb! Well, once this is done, we go all the way back to the beginning and start again. I think this is true of most training vendors in this country, but that's obviously just my opinion.

But there are lots and lots of opportunities to sell our training packages to the unsuspecting public. I say "our" but in reality it is "their" product; the franchisor's. Lot's of issues there, but that I will talk about soon...soon enough, rather. Still, it's all a matter of selling, and whatever you have to do to convince your audience to come to you and engage with you in furthering their knowledge, skills and attitudes, well, that's what you do. It's almost like a recipe. Put on a good show, and the rest is a piece of cake. Or maybe I should say, "Put on a good show, and the rest is money in the bank." It's just a way of life, but for the longest time I've held this close to my heart and actually cared that this happened. Come 2009, well, I seem to be able to stomach it a little better. Sad...but true.

An interesting proposition? Well, because we're offering you something that you can very well take care of if you really wanted to do it. All you have to do is focus on your learning and practice, and stop putting up with all the bullshit that comes your way. If you couldn't be bothered, well, then we're going to keep doing this to you. True...and sad...but, with a typically Indian shrug of the shoulders, "What to do?"

In conclusion, and because this kind of thing isn't going anywhere anytime soon, here are the other seven parts that contain pictures from this now, rather sordid affair. He he he...

An Interesting Proposition
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