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Sunday, March 15, 2009

In search of the perfect woman?

Many consider Marilyn Monroe to be the quintessential beauty. People have talked about her looks, her figure, and her overall being the epitome of the collective male fantasy. Unfortunately for me, or fortunately perhaps, I don't see it this way for a few reasons. First, I don't belong to the generation that watched her traipse about in well-covered but extremely revealing bits of clothing for that time to have grown up with dreams of "Marilyn and Me". Next, although I admit to being like most others of the male species and giving scantily clad women the once over -- sometimes on repeated occasions -- I don't find Marilyn Monroe extraordinarily attractive. She isn't my idea of the poster-on-my-wall blonde beauty, sorry. Wait, what am I apologizing for, I'm working towards my main point. I have a different notion of this kind of thing, or at least a different woman in mind when I picture "blonde". However, it's this image thing, this concept of the most beautiful woman, or "the
one" that I find most annoying. Annoying, because it's such nonsense at the end of the day to chase senseless perfection. More specifically, it's utterly pointless for "us guys" to try and spend our lives waiting for a fairytale princess to land in our lap because we're missing out on meeting and getting to know all the truly beautiful women out there. Seriously!

I think women are continuously subjected to the don't-you-wish-you-looked-like-this-babe media blitz that they find themselves confronted with each and every waking moment in this life. It's really sad, but I've met many beautiful women who've gone out of their way to become beautiful for no other reason than some bimbo in an ad giving them an inferiority complex. Then, there were a couple of women I knew who wanted to try something different, for me, and got it wrong. I didn't even ask them to do it, and I felt really bad giving them honest feedback because I knew it crushed them. I wanted them to know that I thought they were great people already, and they didn't have to try time and time again to win my approval. I'm not saying that they should have taken my "But you're so beautiful already" as final. I just wish there was some way in which I could convince them that they were already beautiful so that they were confident in and about their own beauty. Unfortunately for me, experience has taught me that I may be able to take a horse to the water, but the rest is up to the proverbial horse.

Beauty for me is more than skin deep. If I can't have a sensible conversation with the world's most beautiful woman, chances are that I'll want to get the hell out of there, rather that trying to get her into bed. I don't work like that. The woman of my dreams is confident of herself, not willing to take crap from anyone, and a person who I can talk to about anything out there and who is comfortable to bring anything up with me too. I've met lots of lovely ladies like this, but these meetings seemed to come at a time when I was going through a loser phase in life, so... But, it's not like there's a hunt on or anything. In all my real relationships I've been drawn to the person at the core, not her appearance. I differentiate between real and pseudo intimate relationships because there were a couple of times when I got into physical "arrangements" to satisfy a bit of the old libido. Sad truth of these arrangements is the fact that none of them went "all the way". But, I'm glad they didn't because God knows what hell I would've brought upon myself. I digress, however, and quite severely so.

I wish that women out there would be confident of who they are and what they look like. Sure, all you see out there in the world are wafer-thin images of what's supposed to pass for beauty, but that's bullshit. People want you to think that you're somehow less beautiful because them they can make money off of your insecurities. You're beautiful to begin with, because you give life and are the more naturally grounded of the two genders. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And personally, I'd rather a confident woman who looked "normal" -- for want of a better word -- than a bombshell who either redefined shallow, or was true hideousness in full costume. Come on ladies. Why do you want to be the next Marilyn Monroe when you can be the first you? No offence to Ms. Monroe or anything...

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