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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Online Résumé Services

Part of the Sidebar of this blogI remember when I wanted to try and put my résumé on this blog and provide a link to the post so that I didn't have to attach it and send it to every single HR dept. that I was applying to, and I couldn't. Not very well versed in the arts of HTML, not at all in fact, and I thought that this would require some sort of mammoth effort and either an "HTML for Dummies" book or the "Complete Idiot's Guide" to it. And then, this frantic inactivity was followed by a waiting game that I think I've worked out into some kind of strategy, almost.

Now, a couple of months down the line, no wait, about a month later, and I've discovered a veritable plethora of online résumé hosting services and professional communities that I try to be as active as I can in. I though it worth my while -- isn't it always -- to bring to your attention a couple of them that I think are pretty good. Well, at least I happen to think they're pretty nifty. Here's a picture of a section that forms the part of the bottom half of my sidebar with "buttons" that show what I'm talking about. Sheesh, that was a round about way to get that idea out on the screen...

First, there's my most recent discovery and pretty much what I was looking for, VisualCV. I discovered this on Twitter, when Tim Woods added me...or decided to follow my tweets. It's pretty cool, to give you the most useful description that I can possibly muster right now. More importantly, however, it allows you to point people (read potential employers) to your curriculum vitae quite easily, and to make things easier -- and this leads me to the next service on my list -- you can import the information you have from a similar service/community on the Internet. Here's a little more information about VisualCV.

Next, let me tell you about LinkedIn for a bit. This was suggested to me by a former colleague, and unlike most other times when I ignore such requests, I happened to do a little more research and discovered that there was some merit to this suggestion. LinkedIn has been around for some time now, and they maintain a very professional touch to the whole "human network on the Internet" thing. I call this a service/community because it's both, and because I'm trying to not offend either by leaving one or the other out. Here's the LinkedIn: What is LinkedIn page

Then, we come to a service/community that I happened to read about in an article. Ziggs incorporates a few more aspects than does LinkedIn, in that it allows you to load several pictures of yourself, and a section where you can upload your resume as is. I still need to go through this service and explore all its nooks and crannies, so to speak. Here's the Ziggs "About" page to make a little more sense of what I attempted to say without complete knowledge. Just to make a note of a major similarity that exists in all three of these online services/communities that I've talked about, and that is they allow you to host a portfolio of previous works and documents that you can use to showcase your talent. Seems logical, I suppose, but good on them for doing it.

Lastly, there's WiZiQ, a service that touts itself as being "Free Online Teaching and E-Learning with Web Conferencing". I haven't paid this service much attention, but I do plan to soon, and because this means I don't have a whole lot to say about it here's the WiZiQ "About Us" page. Methinks I should explore this service as a there's a thought worth pursuing.

So, en fin, I think it's safe to say that I've managed to find more than enough places to put up résumés of myself. Why? Because I don't really know why. It just seemed, or continues to seem like a good idea every time something like this comes up. That's what you get when you're always on the verge of unemployment. Like me. Here's hoping all of that will change. And you know what? I can feel that it will. One way or the other... ;-)

Let me know if you happen to be able to use any of these. Definitely let me know if any of these work out for you.


After posting this, I came across an article that ranks some of these résumé hosting services/communities. Check out "10 Great Social Sites for Resume Building" for more information.

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