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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ending the Hiatus

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally found it in me and my constantly evolving schedule to attempt to post more frequently here on “Why are we who we are?” For those of you who may be new to this blog, it has been around since June 2005, taking on various shades of existence, going from personal journal, to online rant central, even posing as a photo blog for the better part of 2008 and 2009. However, this isn’t the first big break thatI have subjected this blog to, neglecting, among other things, some of the advancements that Blogger has made to make blogs like mine easier to be rendered on mobile and other portable Internet-enabled devices. Still, for no reason that I can seem to explain now, at least not in any defensible sense, the break has been long, in spite of any intermittent attempts at making an excuse and trying to post something in the last couple of years.

Fear not, not that you were worrying about anything, certainly not related to this blog anyway, because I am back. And, to make matters worse, I started another blog sometime last year, which, either fortunately or unfortunately, I ignored after the very first post. I’m still in two minds about what to do with this recent addition to my current woeful blogging attempt, but for the most part, and because I now call myself a “Content Writer” (which has nothing to do with being ‘happy’, mind you), it seems that the one sure way to put my money where my mouth is, is to keep on blogging. On that note, I’d like to briefly detail the events of the last couple of years.

I spent ages, and when I say ages, I mean A-G-E-S trying to find a job during the recession. I stooped to the level of looking for a call center job, but found myself “over-qualified” on several occasions. Apart from that little blessing in disguise, I managed to keep myself active on “social media” platforms, keeping an eye on the information that was doing the rounds and keeping myself relatively well informed of developments overall. Eventually, long after I decided that I wanted to spend my time writing, I landed a job at what I still believe to be a soon-to-collapse project that involved getting small and minute businesses online, mostly by misleading them about the overall extent of effort it would take to maintain an online, or “virtual”, presence of their brick-and-mortar business. I was disappointed with the MNC that we were deputed to, and was sufficiently horrified at the way my employer at the time seemed to treat its employees like sponges, putting the squeeze on payments that should have been made, and coming up with some of the most insane reasons as to why this was done. I would love to provide some examples, but it would just bring back some sad, and awfully pathetic memories. Let’s just leave it at me giving them a good piece of my mind whenever I thought they deserved it, and them leaving me alone for good.

In the last 6 months, I have managed to work for a web design firm called Parivartan, where I was astounded by some truly creative designs from some of the best graphic and web designers I have seen. Alas, a combination of some long forgotten inner and outer turmoil, plus my own growing desire to somehow operate a little more independently seemed to get the better of me, and so I moved again after a couple of months. 

At the moment, I am working with a company that I got to know in one of my freelancing attempts as a newly self-made content writer, and although they offered me the job once and I had to turn it down due to the nonsense that I seemed to trouble myself and everyone else with, I was happy to hear that the opening was still available a month later, deciding to take this leap of faith, and employer, in the hopes of landing a job that I would continue to show up for. So far, things have been fine, and while it may be taking a little longer to get the project that I was hired to head (an online career magazine…can you believe it?!?!), I have taken the time to set things up in as logical a way as I know, based on almost a decade’s worth of professional work experience.

Now, would like to briefly mention one of the part-time hobbies that I have engaged in from time to time, actually, a combination of a couple of interests that seem to have come together naturally in the form of a Facebook group called HydPhotoGeeks, which is short for “Hyderabad Photo Geeks”. Being a newly formed group to aid photographers in leveraging the benefits of social media, I find that things are proving to be going in a direction that I really like. Sure, we’ve only had one “official” meeting, but something tells me that there will be plenty more to come, and the cooler the stuff that the group ends up doing, the cooler the posts on this blog will be. Well, some of them at least. ;)

On that note, and for people who have gotten used to my rambling style, here is welcoming you back to this blog, or welcoming you for the first time, so that you too can see what makes things tick in this life, as I continue to try and answer the question, “Why are we who we are?”
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