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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Give Yourself Credit, You Deserve It

In these troubled times, we seem to be in need of a lot of hope and confidence. As more and more institutions that we have been systematically educated into trusting reveal themselves to be shambolic shams in ways unimaginable, we really need to believe that in spite of all of this, things will work out for the best. For me, or in my humble opinion I should say, we will be able to overcome any adversity, no matter how badly things seem to be screwed up, if we learn to trust ourselves as being the ones to create it and see it through. Who cares if we've been lied to and brainwashed about things so mundane they make going to the bathroom look like a roller coaster ride. Life is bigger than all the banks and governments and corporations and small, elite groups of people trying to “run the show”. It's about you and me, and how we spend our waking moments in the pursuit of experiences that we hope to be able to look back upon and refer to as “a life well lived.”

Don't Give Up Anything

We happen to give up, hand over, if you will, our freedom and our individuality to people who claim to know what they are doing. Our health we don't entrust to ourselves, but to “professionals” who are motivated by profit, not by the oaths they necessarily take. Same is true of the “gurus” you seek among you, promising you salvation, at a price. And last but not least, you elect officials to public offices by voting for them, giving them access to so much power and money with the ability to continuously manipulate the system to their advantage, making you servants of a government that is supposed to serve you. It almost seems that the noble institutions and the many reasons why they have always worked was always a lie that was carefully stage-managed to make it easier to provide a “fold” for people to attach themselves to, in an effort to enjoy their comfort. But if there's one truth about life, and there are several I assure you, it is that comfort, and particularly convenience will ultimately kill you. It's been proven time and again, but if you want another way to look at this, think of comfort is always in opposition to change, yet change is the only constant force that we know of in this life. With convenience, well, walking down to the corner store to get a short list of essentials for the house is always better than running down to the apartment parking lot, getting your car out of its designated spot, driving out the gate, parking outside the supermarket, going in to make your purchases, coming back to your vehicle, and repeating the earlier steps backwards from this one.

Beware “The Public”

Too easily are we mollified and assuaged by mention of “the public”. Having one group of people refer to the whole as some sort of outsider commenting on a massive experiment, most unfeelingly, seems ridiculous when you hear it said like this, but think about everything single time that you heard about “the public” seems to want. This is just a mechanism that is used to present false social acceptability across the board, mostly for products and services until now, when they seem to be pushing in regime changes on every front, from politics to economics to the way societies are incorporating a return to more stringency in general. The only “public” you need to worry about is you and your closest circle of friends and family members. Everyone else who constitutes that group is just a myth. If you are having a fundamental problem digesting this idea, consider the premise that most advertisers adopt, namely, the assumption that “the public doesn't know what it wants.” This is very true, unfortunately, and what it means is that while you may have been living your life believing ideas that impacted the “greater good” among other things, you have only been cowed into not reacting, or at least, questioning something, because you dare not incur the wrath of the public and end up being its “enemy”. This is an all-too-familiar scenario of growing up in India, where a common retort to your insistence in doing something your way -- be it deciding what to wear, to having to exhibit your manners at the dinner table -– is met with, “But what will 'they' say?” Beware the “they" because they don't exist. In a world divided by "us-and-them" ideologies, it's only a matter of time before you find yourself on the other side of the divide.

As we create more and more layers to hide behind, or underneath of, we don't see that we are attempting the impossible. Finding new ways to let people control our lives is certainly a sign of some kind of end, I believe. If it isn't the end of Human civilization as we know it, it will certainly be a step in that direction, as we continue to lock ourselves away fearing the World that we have fashioned as a poor excuse for “life”. There's no need to claim your right to be and live a certain way. Just do it, and trust yourself that as long as you are not doing anything in excess, you are living the life you want to live. There is no one true way to survive on this planet, and we do what we have to. So, why not make the choice of the kind of life you wish to lead and start living it right now, instead of hoping for the hearts and minds of other mortal men and women much like yourself to care enough about you to help you at all. This is your life, and this is your world. Give yourself credit for being a worthy individual, and start living the life of your dreams. You deserve it, you always have.
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