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Friday, September 01, 2017

A Shredder named Oroku Saki

Most people I know who do not use Twitter never believe me about the fact that they are missing out on making some great connections with people from around the world. Their first instinct is to complain about the fact that there is a character limit, while also pointing out that if they wanted to message someone, they would simply do so by SMS. Fair enough, as I am often forced to admit out of an exhausting frustration that I'm sure they have experienced when trying to convince me of something, in a similar manner, only to get my well-practiced, rather apathetic "Meh..." in return. However, and to my point about making great connections and having interesting conversations, I just had a delightful little interaction that involved random references, relatedly-unrelated comments, and best of all, a most surprisingly outstanding result of something done in my honor! I would have normally risked a smiling emoticon, but I loved this chain of events so much, and happened to be smiling from ear to ear very literally, no existing symbol would do my emotional state justice.

The chain of events, as I put it, was set off by my decision to respond to a tweet from Vanora (@SeaTheWave), stating that due to the amassing of papers in her workspace, she was going to have to do a round of shredding to help clear the area, so to speak. For whatever reason, or simply based on the way my mind works in general, not to mention random spikes in mental activity that cause me to have Tourette's-like interactions where such may not be necessary or appreciated, I decided to chime in with a response. A simple matter of association, and the connection being to one of my favorite animated shows as an adolescent, I expressed a long-held aspiration of mine, which was to own a shredder named "Oroko Saki". For fans of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise from the 1990s, this was the name of the character who was the ultimate ninja bad guy, the master of the dreaded Foot Clan. Now, in my head, I had just committed another round of unstoppable, punny responses thanks to a lack of self-control in such matters, and didn't expect to hear anything more about this. Well, that was unless of course I had managed to inadvertently insult Vanora without knowing how what I said was, or could have been perceived as such. This happened sometime yesterday, in the afternoon on my side of the world, which meant that some delays in responses were to be expected, at which point I decided to let whatever was supposed to come to pass do so of its own accord, without over thinking it.

This morning, again, on my side of the world, not only was I happy to see a response that was not one claiming any offence, but more amazingly so, it was one of a deeper understanding and appreciation of my original cross reference. Vanora had both appreciated the tweet in response to her original, and had taken things a step further and realized my dream, with a killer rendition of Oroku Saki (I had misspelled it in my earlier tweet) to add the much needed killer touch to her brand new printer! How brilliant is this! I absolutely loved it, and promised to try and get this on t-shirts, without mentioning a deadline for this plan to be put into action by. Most importantly, it was done in my honor, and that has had me smiling the whole, entire day, just knowing that now, there is a paper shredder out there in the world named Oroku Saki, or "The Shredder" as this character was popularly referred to as by the four Ninja Turtles. I saved this for last, just in case some of you were unaware of this but kept reading to get to the apparent punchline, which sorry to say, there was none.

This is one of the lighter beauties of life, to be randomly connected and share a moment, a laugh even. Thank you Vanora for appreciating the humor in my random tweet, and then honoring me with its realization. More importantly, however, I hope this happens to be the best (paper) shredder you have ever owned...because if you did have to return or replace it, I would strongly urge you to give the sales person the Foot. ;)
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